Viewing Shopify Product Shipping Parameters

An easy way to view all of your product shipping parameters in Shopify

Eniture Technology publishes many Shopify apps whose purpose is to provide accurate shipping quotes during the Shopify checkout process.  One reason the shipping quotes are so accurate is that the apps provide a unique page allowing merchants to record relevant and important shipping parameters critical to the quoting process.

When there are problems receiving shipping quotes during the checkout process, a common reason is that the products in the Cart are missing some of the critical information.  It is tedious and time-consuming to inspect the shipping parameters of the entire product catalog by navigating in and out of the Product Shipping Parameters page, which is part of the app's user interface. An efficient alternative is to use the app's Import CSV Utility.

The CSV Import Utility can be accessed from the app's settings.  Click on the tab labeled Import CSV.

Example shown. Your experience may vary slightly.

CSV Import Utility

In the instructions on this tab, one of the paragraphs will have a link labeled template. Click on the link and take the steps required to have the CSV file forwarded to you. After receiving the file, open it in Excel or another spreadsheet program.  Each product and product variant will appear as its own row in the file.  Look at the columns beginning and to the right of the one with the heading, Quote Method.  At a glance, you'll be able to tell which rows are missing critical shipping parameters that will result in shipping quotes not being returned to the Shipping Methods page during the Shopify checkout process.

The document Import CSV Utility for Shopify has instructions for each column in the file.  The document will inform you which columns of data are required and which aren't. Use the document's instructions to populate the missing data and to upload the updated CSV file back into the app.

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