How To Merge Multiple CSV Files On A PC

Instructions on how to merge multiple CSV files into one Excel spreadsheet using a PC

Eniture Technology's Small Package and LTL Freight quoting apps for Shopify allow merchants to download products to a CSV file so their product shipping parameters can be entered and/or updated en masse and then imported back into the app. Using Excel to enter and/or update many products is much quicker than relying on the user interface provided in the app.

If the product catalog contains over 2500 items, the export will be a ZIP file containing multiple CSV files. For example, if a merchant's catalog contains 10,000 items, the ZIP file will contain 4 CSV files, each having 2500 items (= 2500 items x 4 = 10,000).

It's common for merchants to want to combine the CSV files into a single spreadsheet. The step below will instruct you how to do so quickly and easily on a PC.

Step 1: Send the CSV export to yourself

Navigate to the app settings and click on the Import CSV tab. In the second paragraph on the page, click on the link labeled template.  Enter your email address, and afterward, click the Send button.  A few minutes later, you'll receive an email with a Download link.  Click the Download link to retrieve the file.

If the email doesn't appear in your Inbox within a few minutes, check your Junk folder.

Step 2: Follow these instructions...

There are many resources available online on how to combine multiple CSV files into a single Excel spreadsheet.  Rather than duplicate what is already available in this document, we've simply provided a link to one of the resources we found most useful.  Please use the link below and follow the instructions provided by the author: