How To Upgrade From A Trial To Paid License Subscription

A step-by-step guide on how to upgrade your Eniture Technology license from a trial to a paid subscription.

Follow these steps to upgrade from a trial to a paid license subscription. Upgrading to a paid subscription will require a credit card. Your credit card information is stored safely with Stripe, one of the world's most reputable and technically advanced online payment processing companies.  None of your credit card information is stored on Eniture Technology's servers.

Step 1 - Access the My Licenses page

Login to  Your username is the email address used when registering for the license. Use the password you created during the registration process unless you changed it.  If you don't remember your password, use the password recovery link to reset it.

Step 2 - Access the plugin license details

Click on My Licenses in the navigation menu. Locate the plugin you want to update the subscription for and click on its Edit link.

Step 3 - Select your subscription plan

Scroll to the bottom of the Manage License page. In the dropdown field labeled Change Subscription Plan, choose a subscription plan. 

Step 4 - Provide your payment information

Complete the Payment Information form. Afterward, click the Save Changes button.

license-payment-detailsIf there weren't any issues processing your payment method, you're now on a paid license subscription. Your credit card will be billed automatically on the renewal date unless you disable the auto-renew feature.

If you need to change your payment information in the future, refer to the following knowledge base article:

How To Update Your Credit Card On File