Standard Box Sizes Plans - Magento & WooCommerce

Information about the plans and pricing for the Standard Box Sizes plugin for WooCommerce and Magento.

What Does the Standard Box Sizes Plugin Do?

The Standard Box Sizes plugin allows merchants to identify the sizes of the boxes they inventory for shipping purposes. Before requesting a parcel or postal quote, the packaging algorithm identifies the correct box to use for the content of the Cart. The total weight of the box(es) and its (their) dimensions are provided to the parcel or postal provider so that penny-accurate shipping quotes are returned.

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What Plans Are Available for the Plugin?

After you install the plugin, you'll pick a plan.  Each plan is a 'wallet' that gets depleted each time a request for a packaging solution is requested. The available plans are as follows:

100 lookups per month - $5.00 (5 cents each)

250 lookups per month - $10.00 (4 cents each)

500 lookups per month - $15.00 (3 cents each)

1,000 lookups per month - $20.00 (2 cents each)

2,500 lookups per month - $25.00 (1 cent each)

What Happens if the Plan is Depleted Before the Renewal Date?

If the plan you select is fully depleted before the renewal date, the plugin will automatically renew and reset the monthly billing cycle for a new 30-day period.  This ensures that the plugin is always operational. You should review your credit card statement to see how often your current plan is renewed. If you are charged two or more times, you may be able to lower your cost by upgrading your plan.

What Happens to the Unused Lookups When My Plan Renews?

Unused lookups expire at the end of a monthly billing cycle.  If you're on the $5/month plan and only use 80 of the 100 lookups by the renewal date, after the renewal, you will have 100 lookups available for the new billing cycle.