Pallet Packaging Compatibility

What is the "Pallet Packaging" feature and what product offerings is it compatible with?

The Pallet Packaging feature allows subscribers to Eniture Technology's LTL Freight Quotes products to identify the pallet sizes that are available for shipping purposes.  Eniture Technology publishes many LTL Freight Quotes products for Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.  Not all of the products are currently compatible with the Pallet Packaging feature. The information that follows will identify which products are compatible, and how they are.  We are actively working to update all of our products to be compatible with the Pallet Packaging feature. Refer back to this document for the latest updates.

What does the Pallet Packaging feature do?

The Pallet Packaging feature allows merchants to identify the pallet sizes available for shipping purposes.  During the checkout process, the contents of the shopping cart are analyzed and the programming identifies the pallet which:

  1. Has a length or width that is larger than the longest dimension of any item in the shopping cart.
  2. Of the pallets that satisfy condition 1 above, has the smallest surface area.

The pallet that satisfies both conditions is selected as the pallet to be used to build the handling unit.

handling unit is a pallet and its contents.  A shipment may consist of multiple handling units.

Afterward, based on the contents of the cart, the programming determines the height of the handling unit. A shipment may require multiple handling units depending on the merchant's settings for maximum handling unit height and weight. 

How is the handling unit used to obtain an LTL freight quote?

How the information about the handling unit is used depends on the type of pricing tariff you have with your LTL freight provider, and the capability of its Application Programming Interface (API). There are two types of pricing tariffs possible:

  1. NMFC tariff - This is the traditional method of rating LTL freight which uses Freight Classes as determined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA).
  2. Dimensionally rated tariff - Sometimes also referred to as a "Density-based tariff".  This type of tariff requires that the dimensions of the pallet (or crate, etc.) be included when calculating a shipping rate quote.

Some LTL providers have the capability to assign either type of tariff to a customer.  Others are limited to only one type of tariff.

Obtaining a quote for an account with an NMFC tariff

Quotes for accounts with an NMFC tariff require only the total weight per commodity class (freight class).  The Pallet Packaging feature is useful only in determining the total number of pallets required for the shipment so that the total weight of the pallets can be added to the shipment weight when obtaining an LTL freight quote.

The Pallet Packaging feature is billed for on a usage basis. Since the weight of a pallet rarely impacts the quoted LTL freight rate, merchants with an NMFC tariff may elect not to use this feature.

Obtaining a quote for an account with a dimensionally rated tariff

The dimensions of a handling unit are extremely important when a dimensionally rated tariff is in use. The Pallet Packaging feature will determine the overall dimensions of the handling unit and the information will be provided to the LTL freight provider so that an accurate shipping rate can be returned. Merchants that are subject to a dimensionally rated tariff will need to use the Pallet Packaging feature.

How do I get access to the Pallet Packaging feature?


A Pallet Packaging solution for Magento is not yet available.  Once it is it will be made available as a separate module (a.k.a. extension).


LTL Freight Quotes apps that have been enabled for the Pallet Packaging feature will have a tab in the app preferences labeled, "Pallets". View the page on that tab to enable the feature and identify the pallet sizes you have on hand.


The Pallet Packaging feature is available to WooCommerce merchants by way of an add-on  plugin.  To learn more about the add-on plugin and to download the installation file, navigate to > Products > WooCommerce > Pallet Packaging.

Pallet Packaging compatibility


LTL Provider Tariff Type
Day & Ross

Dimensional for Canadian domestic quotes

NMFC for Canada to USA quotes

Fedex Freight NMFC NMFC
GlobalTranz NMFC
TForce (UPS Freight) Dimensional or NMFC
Worldwide Express NMFC
YRC Dimensional or NMFC


LTL Provider Tariff Type
UPS Freight Dimensional or NMFC