What Is Dimensionally Rated LTL Freight?

How to configure the LTL Freight Quotes app/plugin when subject to dimensionally rated freight.

How Is Your LTL Freight Rating Method Determined?

Most businesses that ship LTL freight have a pricing agreement with their LTL freight provider called a "tariff". The tariff you have with your LTL freight provider will detail the rules it will use to determine your LTL freight shipment charges. Your tariff will stipulate whether your charges are billed using the NMFC (freight class) method or by shipment dimensions.

NMFC/Freight Class Rating Method

Historically, the basis of rating LTL freight shipments was based on the freight class of the commodities that comprise the shipment. The classification of commodities is governed by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). The classification of all commodities can be found in its publication, the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC).  This is the most widely used method of rating LTL freight in North America.

Dimensional/Density Rating Method

Over the last few years, some LTL freight providers have been encouraging and even forcing their customers to a tariff that uses handling unit dimensions -- instead of freight class -- as one of the most important determining factors when rating LTL freight.

Density-Based-Measurement-Illustration-400x354-1This alternate rating method is typically called "Dimensionally Rated Freight" or "Density Rated Freight".

Why Is The Rating Method Important?

Eniture Technology publishes dozens of applications related to LTL freight quotes for several e-commerce platforms. E-commerce merchants use them to get accurate LTL freight quotes for their shoppers during the checkout process. Using the wrong rating method, one that doesn't align with your tariff, will lead to inaccurate shipping quotes.

Using the wrong rating method, one that doesn't align with your tariff, will lead to inaccurate shipping quotes.

How To Get Accurate LTL Freight Quotes

NMFC/Freight Class Rating Method

The NMFC/Freight Class method is the simplest of the two alternatives.  In the product shipping parameters related to one of Eniture Technology's LTL Freight Quotes applications, record the item weight and freight class. If you have an item that will incur the provider's excessive length or overlength fee, enter the measurement in the length field.  Refer to the application's User Guide for a full explanation of the relevant settings.

Dimensional/Density Rating Method

Since the overall dimensions of the loaded pallet (or other handling unit) are mandatory for this rating method, you need to enable the Pallet Packing feature. It will allow you to identify your pallet sizes, and it will build (load) the pallet (or handling unit) prior to sending the rate request to your LTL freight provider.


BigCommerce merchants can access the Pallet Packing feature by clicking on the navigation link labeled Pallet Packaging in the Add-ons section of the Real-time Shipping Quotes app's navigation menu. Refer to the application's User Guide for specific instructions.

Shopify merchants will find the Pallet Packing feature on the Pallets tab for all relevant apps.  Refer to the specific application's User Guide for instructions.

WooCommerce merchants need to install the add-on plugin, which can be downloaded from the eniture.com website or the WordPress plugin directory. Refer to the plugin's User Guide for instructions.