How to Create a ShipEngine Carriers Account

Instructions on how to create a ShipEngine Carriers Account for use with products from Eniture Technology.

Eniture Technology has a partnership with ShipEngine Carriers that provides subscribers access to the best UPS rates available anywhere.  Merchants that take advantage of the partnership save up to 62% off UPS 2nd Day Air and 48% on UPS Ground.  No minimum shipping volume is required and many UPS surcharges, such as those for residential or extended area delivery, are avoided.  Subscribers also get a free account (a $17.99/month value) with access to USPS Commercial Plus pricing; the cheapest rates available for USPS services.

Why are ShipEngine Carrier rates for UPS so much cheaper?

When you create your ShipEngine Carrier account, you'll fund a wallet.  When you create shipments, the funds in the wallet are depleted.  UPS collects payment immediately.  This eliminates UPS's overhead associated with sending out invoices with payment terms, and the cost of potential collections activity.  For the merchant's benefit, UPS eliminates certain fees that can materially impact shipping costs for e-commerce merchants, such as the fee for residential or extended area delivery.

Do I need to create a ShipEngine Carriers account?

Eniture Technology has shipping-related products that can be categorized in two ways:

  1. Products that provide shipping quotes in the Cart or the Checkout process of various e-commerce platforms.  These products don't create shipments (shipping labels) and their purpose is solely to provide shipping quotes so that the e-commerce merchant can capture the actual cost of shipping on orders.
  2. FreightDesk Online ( will connect to a merchant's e-commerce store and retrieve orders so that they can be fulfilled.  The result of using FreightDesk Online is that a shipping label is created, the pickup arrangements are communicated to the shipping provider, and the customer's order is updated with the tracking information.

A more detailed explanation about the purpose of these two types of products offered by Eniture Technology is provided in the document, Eniture's Product Shipping Portfolio Explained.

If you will be using one of Eniture Technology's quoting products that incorporates rates from ShipEngine Carriers, you don't need to create a ShipEngine Carriers account. The rates for UPS via ShipEngine Carriers will be reflected without the need for an account.

However, if you intend to take advantage of the rates offered via ShipEngine Carriers, you'll need to create a ShipEngine Carriers account and then use a shipping platform, like FreightDesk Online (, to create shipping labels that use your ShipEngine Carriers account.

How do I create a ShipEngine Carriers account?

If you are a FreightDesk Online subscriber

FreightDesk Online ( is Eniture Technology's online shipping platform.  If you are a FreightDesk Online subscriber, log into it and navigate to Settings > ShipEngine Carriers.  Click on the Get a ShipEngine Carriers account button.

Complete the registration form and afterward, follow the on-page instructions on how to fund the account and connect it to FreightDesk Online.

If you aren't a FreightDesk Online subscriber

ShipEngine Carriers is an API (Application Programming Interface) provider.  To take advantage of the UPS rates available through ShipEngine Carriers, you must use a shipping application, like FreightDesk Online (, to connect your account.  Each shipping application will have its own instructions for how to do so.  Locate the instructions on how to do so within the shipping application you're using (assuming that ShipEngine Carriers is supported) and follow them.

How can I compare rates between ShipEngine and my existing account?

Using FreightDesk Online

If you are a subscriber to FreightDesk Online, you can enable the parcel integration for ShipEngine Carriers by navigating to Settings > Connections and clicking the +Add Carriers button. On the providers page, in the section for parcel carriers, select the option for ShipEngine.

ShipEngine integration in FreightDesk Online

In the Add Carrier settings, select the option for Enable the proxy account for rate comparison purposes.

enable-ship-engine-carriers-proxy-account-in-fdoThe ShipEngine proxy rates are the same rates that you'll enjoy as a ShipEngine Carriers subscriber. Enabling this option allows you to use the Shop By Rate feature on Orders and the Quotes page to compare rates from ShipEngine to those of your other connected parcel providers.

On the Shipment Details page, simply enable the Shop By Rate option and select the connected accounts you wish to compare.

The following result was for a 10 LB package with dimensions of 12 x 12 x 12 going to ZIP code 30214 from 27604 to a residential address on July 20, 2023. "UPS" refers to UPS or any of its resellers. The represented "UPS" rates are for an established account of many years that has negotiated discounts.

UPS Service UPS ShipEngine $ Difference % Difference
UPS Ground $19.12 $11.97 -$7.15 37.74%
UPS 3 Day Select $40.59 $13.50 -$20.09 49.49%
UPS 2nd Day Air $49.20 $19.21 -$29.99 60.96%
UPS 2nd Day Air AM $55.34 $21.10 -$34.24 61.87%
UPS Next Day Air Saver $139.18 $52.82 -$86.36 62.05%
UPS Next Day Air $148.28 $58.38 -$89.90 60.63%
UPS Nest Day Air Early AM $202.89 $88.38 -$114.49 56.28%

Your results will vary depending on the rates you have negotiated with your parcel provider. FreightDesk Online makes it easy for you to compare rates when you have your parcel provider connected, and the ShipEngine Proxy account enabled.

Using one of Eniture Technology's Small Package Quotes apps

Many of the Eniture Small Package Quotes apps, including the "Real Time Shipping Rates" apps with parcel services enabled, will have an option for Compare Rates. If you click on the link, you'll be prompted to provide basic information about a shipment that you'd like to use to compare rates.

Enter the shipment parameters and retrieve the quotes.  You'll be presented with the rates from your connected parcel carrier account and what you'd be charged if you were a ShipEngine Carriers subscriber.