Difficulty Connecting to the FedEx Freight API

Common reasons why the Test Connection operation fails.

Connecting one of Eniture Technology's FedEx Freight products to the FedEx API can be a challenge.  FedEx requires a lot of information to establish the API connection, and if any of the information entered on the Connection Settings page doesn't match what's in FedEx's systems, the Test Connection operation will fail.

Below are common reasons why the Test Connection operation fails.

Incorrect Account Numbers

Two account numbers are required:

  1. Billing Account Number
  2. Shipper Account Number

These account numbers are usually, but not always different.  If they are different, make sure you know which is which and are entered in the proper place. If you think the same number is used for both, you should contact FedEx Freight to confirm it.

Incorrect Address Information

Incorrect addresses are the most common reason why the Test Connection operation fails. The address for both account numbers must exactly match what FedEx has in its system.  Even if the Billing Account Number and the Shipper Account Number are the same, it is very common for the addresses to be different.

The address for the Billing Account Number is where FedEx Freight invoices are received.  The address for the Shipper Account Number is the physical address where trucks go to pick up freight when you are the shipper. An incorrect Shipper Account Number address is the more common error.

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