Understanding XPO Account Numbers

What are the different types of XPO account numbers, and when should you use them?

Types of XPO Logistics account numbers

XPO Logistics has three types of account numbers:

  1. Corporate account number
  2. Pickup/Delivery account number
  3. Bill To account number

What is the Corporate Account Number

Think of the Corporate Account Number as an umbrella account that has all of your other XPO account numbers mapped to it.  You may received consolidated billing that uses this account number.  This account number is not used on the Connection Settings page of the XPO LTL Freight Quotes app (Shopify) or plugin (Woocommerce).

What is the Pickup/Delivery Account Number and when to use it

The Pickup/Delivery Account Number is tied to a physical address.  It is used to get quotes or create shipments when that physical address will be the origin or destination of the shipment.

To receive quotes using the XPO LTL Freight Quotes product, the City, State and Postal Code entered for your warehouse must match the Pickup/Delivery Postal Code entered on the Connection Settings page.  Otherwise, you'll need XPO to provide you with a Bill To Account Number.

What is the Bill To Account Number and when to use it

The Bill To Account Number is is not location specific. It is used when the City, State and Postal Code of the Pickup/Delivery Account Number is neither the origin or destination.

XPO Logistics doesn't always issue Bill To Account Numbers.  You may have to request one if you will be adding more stocking locations to the LTL Freight Quotes product than just the one associated with your Pickup/Delivery Account Number.  To do so, contact XPO Logistics customer service at 1-800-755-2728 or your assigned XPO Logistics sales representative.