Why Was The Customer Charged Sales Tax?

When the DIY Tax Exempt Checkout is installed, why are some customers still charged sales tax?

Shopify tracks the tax-exempt status of visitors by their email address.  When the DIY Tax Exempt app is installed, the tax-exempt widget is presented on the checkout page.

Shopify Cart page with Tax Exempt Status widget

The website visitor is prompted to provide their email address.  When the visitor declares tax-exempt status, the email address entered is flagged as tax-exempt in Shopify's database.

When the customer enters the checkout process, to preserve their tax-exempt declaration, the same email address must be used.


If the visitor provides a different email address on the Customer Information page, then Shopify will not honor the tax-exempt declaration declared on the Cart page.

To ensure that the tax-exempt declaration is honored, the same email address entered in the DIY Tax Exempt Checkout widget on the Cart page must be used on the Shopify Customer Information page.