What is liftgate delivery?

Learn about liftgate delivery and why it may be important to your eCommerce store if you are offering LTL freight as a shipping option.

Liftgate (aka "lift gate") delivery is an LTL freight service that involves the use of a hydraulic lift installed on the rear of the truck to facilitate the unloading of freight when a loading dock isn't present at the delivery address.



Liftgate delivery is nearly always required when the delivery address is a residential address. LTL freight carriers typically charge a fee for lift gate delivery and the fee can vary significantly between carriers. The fee can sometimes be negotiated down when account holders have sufficient volume.

Liftgates are not typically installed on all trucks in a carrier's fleet. Order delivery can be delayed - sometimes by days - if the delivering terminal doesn't have a truck equipped with a liftgate and one is required to complete the delivery. Merchants anticipating a frequent need for liftgate delivery should prospective LTL freight carriers what percentage of their fleet is equipped with liftgate, and what the carrier's policies and procedures are when the delivering terminal is without one.



Example of lift gate in use