What is a capped amount?

Understand Shopify's "capped amount" concept and how it affects the Standard Box Sizes feature found in the Small Package Quotes apps.

Shopify refers to transactionally billed features usage charges. Usage charges are limited during a billing period by setting a capped amount. When usage charges reach the capped amount the associated feature becomes disabled and no further costs are incurred by the merchant. The feature becomes operational again when:

  • Usage charges are reset to zero at the start of the next billing period; or
  • The merchant increases the capped amount during the current billing period.

Eniture Technology's Standard Box Sizes feature is a usage billed feature. When you consume 80% of the capped amount within a billing period, a notification email will be sent to the email address recorded in the settings. You can increased the capped amount to ensure that the feature will continue to work.

If the capped amount is met during the billing period, the Standard Box Sizes feature will stop working. The default packaging algorithm, the optimal box sizes algorithm, will be used in its place. It will continue to be used until the capped amount is increased or a new billing period begins.

The optimal box size algorithm assumes an infinite number of available box sizes. It will calculate a packaging solution for the order by creating one or more virtual boxes. Since the virtual box is unlikely to match any of your standard box sizes, it will not be as accurate. This may cause you to over or under recover your shipping charges. We recommend that you rely on the optimal box size algorithm only if you don't inventory standard box sizes.