Warehouses versus Drop Ship locations

Learn how warehouses and drop ship locations differ, and why you should have at least one warehouse defined.

The Small Package Quotes and LTL Freight Quotes products allow the merchant to identify Warehouses and Drop Ship Locations. Warehouses are stocking locations that are assumed to inventory all products that are not otherwise identified as drop ship items. If a shopping cart contains items that are warehoused and there is more than one warehouse defined, the warehouse closest to the ship to address is used for the purpose of retrieving shipping rate estimates.

Drop ship locations are assigned to individual products. A product assigned to a drop ship location is always quoted as shipping from that location, regardless of the defined warehouses. Refer to the Product Settings section of the User Guide for instructions on how to make the assignment.

A best practice is to define at least one warehouse, even if all your products are drop shipped. This ensures that shipping rate estimates will still be returned in the event a product was added to your catalog and its drop ship location wasn’t identified.