Validating rates

Perform these steps to confirm that the quotes you see in your online store match those that are charged by your carrier.

The Small Package Quotes and LTL Freight Quotes applications are real-time carrier rating engines. If they are setup properly, they will return rates to your checkout process that are accurate to the penny. If you want to validate the accuracy of the rates, follow these steps:

  1. Remove all markups / handling fees in the app. This will ensure that discrepancies are not a result of manipulations to the returned rate(s).
  2. Write down the preferences in the app settings. These can have a material impact on the rate estimates. (Examples include residential address preferences, lift gate preferences, etc.)
  3. Write down the shipment origin and destination addresses you will be using for your test. You may have more than one origin point if you intend to test with more than one product in the shopping cart and you have defined drop ship locations.
  4. Record the shipping parameters of the product(s) you will be performing your test with. Shipping parameters include weight, dimensions (small package only), and freight class (LTL freight only). If the product is drop shipped, its assigned drop ship location needs to be recorded also.
  5. Add the product(s) for your test to the shopping cart and advance through the check out process until you are presented with shipping rate estimates. Take a screenshot of the result. Ideally the screenshot should include the shipping address, the shipping rate estimate(s) and the contents of the cart.
  6. Sign into the carrier's website. All of Eniture Technology's quoting products are based on cloud based technology. Your company will have a login to the shipping portal of the carrier associated with the app.
  7. Use the quote function of the carrier's website. Input the shipping parameters of the test you performed in your store. As you enter the parameters, make sure they are exactly the same as what were used to retrieve rates in your store's checkout process.
  8. Take a screenshot of the quoted result on the carrier's website. Make sure the screenshot includes the origin and destination, and the details of the quote if available.
  9. Compare the screenshots. They should match.

If the rates in your screenshots don't match, repeat the test and confirm that the same shipping parameters were used in both places. A common mistake is to have a service, such as residential delivery, enabled in one system and not the other. Consider simplifying your test, if possible, by removing all optional settings and testing with one product to start with. You can always add the complexity back in once you validate the rates using the most basic scenario.

If you are unable to validate your rates and you are convinced that the validation tests were performed correctly, email with the screenshots you collected. The screenshots should include the contents of the shipment, the origin and destination addresses, and the optional services quoted (such as residential delivery). In the email include the username and password to your carrier account, and the following depending on your platform:


A set of credentials with ADMIN permissions and the URL required to access the backend of your store.


Send your Shopify URL ( If we don't already have a Collaborator Account for your store we will send a Collaborator's Request which will aid us in resolving your issue.


A set of credentials with ADMIN permissions and the URL required to access the backend of your store.

A support ticket will be created when you email this information. We'll review the content and get back to you with a resolution.