Standard Box Sizes for Shopify

Use the Standard Box Sizes feature to obtain the most accurate shipping rates possible.

The optional Standard Box Sizes feature allows you to identify your standard box sizes so they can be used to calculate a packaging solution that mirrors what should occur during order fulfillment. Enabling this feature will result in a charge of 3 cents per calculation. We highly recommend this feature if your operation uses standard box sizes. It ensures that your customers will receive the most accurate rates possible, and the packaging solution is saved with the order so it can be viewed while the order is being packed.

When the feature is enabled the Additional info widget on the Order Details page will contain detailed information on the contents of each box. In addition, a graphic representation of the packaging solution is available that illustrates the final packaging solution and provides step-by-step illustrations on how each item should be placed in the box.

Sample packaging solution illustration

The Standard Box Sizes feature identifies a packaging solution that results in the fewest number of boxes to minimize the shipping cost on the order.

When the Standard Box Sizes feature is not enabled the app uses a free proprietary algorithm that assumes that an infinite number of box sizes are available and identifies what can be thought of as an optimal packaging solution. This is a suitable alternative for companies that don’t inventory standard box sizes and can still be subject to dimensional weight rules.

Refer to the user guide for the app you are using to learn more about the Standard Box Sizes feature, how to enable it and how to utilize the associated settings.