Residential Address Detection Plans - BigCommerce

Information about the plans and pricing for the Residential Address Detection add-on in the Real-time Shipping Quotes app for BigCommerce.

What Does the Residential Address Detection Add-on Do?

Prior to sending a request for shipping quotes to a shipping carrier's Application Programming Interface (API), the Residential Address Detection add-on sends a request to a database sourced from the US Postal Service to inquire about the ship-to address type: Commercial or Residential? Afterward, the request sent to the shipping carrier to ask for a shipping quote includes the ship-to address type. The quotes returned by the shipping carrier will include the residential delivery fee if the address type was identified as residential.

What Plans Are Available for the Plugin?

After you enable the add-on, you'll pick a plan.  Each plan is a 'wallet' that gets depleted each time a request for the address type of a ship-to address is sent. The available plans are as follows:

100 lookups per month - $5.00 (5 cents each)

250 lookups per month - $10.00 (4 cents each)

500 lookups per month - $15.00 (3 cents each)

1,000 lookups per month - $20.00 (2 cents each)

2,500 lookups per month - $25.00 (1 cent each)

What Happens if the Plan is Depleted Before the Renewal Date?

If the plan you select is fully depleted before the renewal date, the plugin will automatically renew and reset the monthly billing cycle for a new 30-day period.  This ensures that the add-on is always operational. You should review your credit card statement to see how often your current plan is renewed. If you are charged two or more times, you may be able to lower your cost by upgrading your plan.

What Happens to the Unused Lookups When My Plan Renews?

Unused lookups expire at the end of a monthly billing cycle.  If you're on the $5/month plan and only use 80 of the 100 lookups by the renewal date, you will have 100 lookups available for the new billing cycle after the renewal.

When Can I Change the Plan I'm On?

You can select a new plan at any time.  Refer to the User's Guide for instructions on how to do so.  The new plan will take effect on the renewal date or when the current plan is fully depleted, whichever comes first.

How are the Plans Paid For?

When you activate your subscription to Eniture Technology's Real-time Shipping Quotes app for BigCommerce, you do so by placing a credit card on file. (Your credit card information is not stored on our website.  It is stored, and all transactions are processed by Stripe, one of the world's best and most secure credit card processing companies.) The credit card on file is used to pay for the Residential Address Detection add-on.

Does the Plugin Have Any Limitations?

The Residential Address Detection add-on identifies the address type for addresses in the United States only.  In very rare cases, the add-on may not be able to identify the address type of a particular address.  The Real-time Shipping Quotes app allows merchants to default the address type to 'Commercial' or 'Residential' in the event an address type can not be confirmed.