My UPS Ground with Freight Pricing rates are wrong

5 steps to perform to resolve discrepancies with your Ground with Freight Pricing rates.

UPS Ground with Freight Pricing (a.k.a. GFP) is a contract service offered by UPS. It is a service that a UPS representative must enable for your account. If you have access to UPS Ground with Freight Pricing and the rates you are witnessing through the app are different than what you see on, you may not have your username and password registered with UPS Freight. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Go to the following web site:

2. Click on the [Register] button.

3. This will bring up an “Enter Valid User ID and Password” web page. Please insure that the radio button “Yes, I have a My UPS User ID” and Password is selected.

4. Click the [Next] button.

5. When prompted, log into the UPS web page with your user ID and password. Follow the prompts from there.

This should resolve the rate discrepancy seen between the app and for UPS Ground with Freight Pricing.