My LTL freight rates aren't displaying

Common reasons why your LTL freight rates aren't displaying on the cart or checkout pages.

If you are using one of the LTL Freight Quotes products and aren't seeing rate estimates during the checkout process, the best trouble shooting step you can take is to thoroughly review the associated user's guide and make sure that you have completed the documented steps. The most common mistakes are:

  1. The product shipping related settings aren't entered.
  2. The quote method hasn't been selected. Products must be identified as shipping LTL freight, unless you are relying strictly on shopping cart weight to trigger LTL quotes. How the quote method is selected depends on which eCommerce platform you are using for your online store. Review the section on Product Settings in the user's guide.
  3. A freight class hasn't been identified for the product(s). Both freight class and weight are required to get an LTL freight quote. Review the user's guide section on Product Settings.
  4. The Connection Settings result in a failed test. Navigate to the Connection Settings page and click the Test Connection button to confirm that the connection works.
  5. There isn't a warehouse defined on the Warehouses settings page and a drop ship location has not been assigned to the product(s), currently in the shopping cart.
  6. For the UPS LTL Freight Quotes product only: Failing to promote the UPS API Access Key to a Production level key. Revisit the section in the user guide that describes how to obtain a UPS API access key. Check the key's access type. If it is Test, continue to follow the instructions in that section of the user guide. It will tell you how to promote the key's access type to Production.
  7. Your LTL freight carrier has different account numbers for different purposes. Some account numbers can only be used for specific origins (state + ZIP code). If the account number you're using is associated with a specific origin and the warehouse or drop ship location you've defined doesn't match it, then you won't receive quotes. Sign in to your carrier account online and review the account numbers associated with your account. If you can't figure out which account number you should be using, contact us ( or 404-360-0680 x 2) for assistance.

The best way to resolve any of these issues is to review the User's Guides. The User's Guides can be found by navigating to Locate the product badge for the LTL Freight Quotes product you are using (make sure you pick the right eCommerce platform) and click on it. Scroll down until you see the tabs and select the one labeled Documentation.