FedEx Freight account numbers

If you have a FedEx Freight account, you may have three FedEx account numbers:

  1. Billing account number
  2. Shipper number
  3. Third party shipper number

The Billing Account Number is the account number you are invoiced on. It is almost always the same as your FedEx parcel account number and acts as your primary FedEx account number.

The Shipper Number is freight related and location specific. It is used for freight shipments that either originate from that location, or are destined for it. When using the FedEx LTL Freight Quotes product, the city, state and ZIP code entered for your warehouse must match that of your Shipper Number.

The Third Party Shipper Number is also freight related but it is not location specific. It is used when neither the shipment origin or destination has a city, state and ZIP code that matches the Shipper Number. If you have or will be defining drop ship locations in the FedEx LTL Freight Quotes product, you will need a Third Party Shipper Number. FedEx Freight does not automatically issue Third Party Shipper Numbers so you may have to request one.  To do so contact FedEx Freight customer service at 1-800-463-3339 or your assigned FedEx Freight sales representative.

A common area of difficulty when setting up the FedEx LTL Freight Quotes product is getting the correct address information entered into the Connection Settings page. The billing address and shipper address information is often misidentified. Verify this information to avoid this common mistake.

If you have more than one Shipper Number (because you have more than one shipping location) choose one of them for the Connection Settings. You will need a Third Party Shipper Number to define your other locations as warehouses or drop ship locations. This is necessary because only one account can be used to establish the connection to the FedEx Freight API.

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  • 29-Mar-2019