How to purchase an additional plugin license

Instructions for how to purchase additional plugins for your Woocommerce store

These instructions are for Woocommerce merchants who already have a username and password to

Step 1: Log in to

Open a web browser and go to Click the Login link located in the top right corner of the web page and sign in.

Step 2: Navigate to the Products page

After you log in you'll be delivered to the Customer Dashboard where you can manage your existing licenses. In the main navigation at the top of the page, hover over Products and click on Woocommerce.

Step 3: Navigate to the plugin of interest

From the list, locate the plugin you're interested in and click on the product badge. You'll be delivered to the plugin's product detail page.

Step 4: Choose the desired subscription plan

The first of four tabs below the promotional video is labeled Features. It describes the features included in each of the available plans. To the right of the plan names are green buttons that will inform you how much each plan costs. Click on the button for the subscription you'd like to purchase.

Step 5: Complete the payment information form

Complete and then submit the payment information form.

Step 6: Retrieve the license key

If you aren't returned to the Customer Dashboard, click on the My Account link located in the top right corner of the web page. While viewing the Customer Dashboard, click on the My Licenses tab. You can copy the license key from this tab. You may find it easier to click on the associated Edit button and copy the license key from there.

You should also receive an email containing the license key.

Step 7: Retrieve the plugin installation file

On the Customer Dashboard, click on the Downloads tab. Locate the plugin and click the Download code link in the righthand margin.  WordPress plugin installation files are "ZIP" files.  Some browsers will automatically unzip the installation folder.  If your browser does so, you'll need to convert the installation folder back to a "ZIP" file.