How To Provide Access To BigCommerce

How to provide Eniture Technology's support staff access to your BigCommerce store.

If you have one of Eniture Technology's apps installed on your BigCommerce store and need help with the app, you may need to set up a User account for the support staff. To do so, follow the instructions below:

Step 1 - Go to the Users settings page

While logged into your BigCommerce store, navigate to Account Settings > Users


Step 2 - Access the Create a User Account page

Click on the button labeled, Create a User Account.


Step 3 - Create a User Account: User Details

Enter for the email address.  Leave the Status to "Active" and the Preferred language to "English".  Once you complete the user creation step, an email will be sent to Eniture Technology with instructions on how to complete the registration process that will provide access to your store.

Step 4 - Permissions

User Role

Select Custom from the list of options presented in the dropdown menu.

System Admin Permissions

Scroll down to the section labeled System Admin Permissions and enable the checkbox for Manage Shipping.

Single Click Apps

Scroll down to the section labeled Single Click Apps and enable the setting for the Eniture Technology app you need assistance with.  Most likely, the name of that app will be, Real-time Shipping Quotes by Eniture Technology.

Click the Save button

Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Once you've concluded these steps, Eniture Technology should have the ability to complete the registration process and afterward, access your store.