How to optimize your lift gate (liftgate) settings

3 steps to optimizing your lift gate delivery settings.

Some of Eniture Technology's LTL Freight Quotes applications have an option in Quote Settings to offer lift gate delivery as an option in the checkout process. Most commercial enterprises know what lift gate service is and can reasonably be expected to select the option for lift gate service if it is required at their facility.

Most residential customers will not be familiar with lift gate service. If prompted to choose between standard LTL and an option for LTL with lift gate delivery that may be $125 more expensive, the residential shopper will have a tendency to pick the cheaper option. When this occurs it is very likely that the merchant will have to absorb the cost of lift gate service, which will make the order less profitable and in many cases unprofitable.

To mitigate the risk of absorbing uncollected lift gate fees, we recommend the following:

  1. Take advantage of the option to auto-detect residential addresses.
  2. Enable the setting to Offer lift gate delivery as an option
  3. Enable the setting to Include lift gate delivery when a residential address is detected

How to perform these three steps varies by platform. Refer to your application's documentation for specific instructions on how to do so.

With these settings enabled commercial customers will be given a choice between options that exclude and include lift gate service. Residential customers will see only one rate for LTL freight, and it will include the carrier's residential delivery and lift gate delivery fees.

Example of the Offer lift gate delivery as an option enabled to an address that has not been identified as a residential address.

Illustration of lift gate delivery option in Shopify