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How to Connect to Different Types of Parcel Accounts from Unishippers and Worldwide Express

Instructions on connecting your parcel shipping account through Unishippers or Worldwide Express to products from Eniture Technology.

Unishippers and Worldwide Express have two types of UPS accounts to which customers can be given access.  Which type of account you have will determine what options you have to connect your account to one of Eniture Technology's products.

What Kind of Account Do I Have?

Your UPS account through Unishippers or Worldwide Express can be a:

  • "DAP" account
  • Traditional account

Which type is better suited for your needs should be discussed with your sales representative or account manager.

If you're unaware of your account type, ask your sales representative.

Options for a DAP Accounts

DAP accounts can be connected to offerings from Eniture Technology for either Unishippers/Worldwide Express or UPS.

There are advantages to connecting via the Unishippers/Worldwide Express integrations. The shipping history generated through the API is retained in the Unishippers/Worldwide Express shipping portals (e.g. Speedship), and the information can be useful to you and the Unishippers/Worldwide Express support staff when diagnosing and investigating issues.

Options for Traditional Accounts

Traditional accounts (a.k.a "non-DAP" accounts) should be connected to the offerings from Eniture Technology that are specific to Unishippers or Worldwide Express, depending on which company your account relationship is with.

What if I Have a DAP and a Traditional Account?

Your Unishippers or Worldwide Express sales representative may determine that you'd benefit from both types of accounts.  In this case, you'll need to install two different apps/plugins or enable two different integrations, one for each account.

"App" refers to a software solution - usually for a single purpose - that can be installed for a Shopify store.

"Plugin" refers to a software solution - usually for a single purpose - that can be installed for a WordPress/WooCommerce store.

"Integration" refers to API connections to individual providers (e.g. shipping providers) that are available in products that can support connections to multiple providers. For example, FreightDesk Online and the Real-time Shipping Quotes app.

Use the app/plugin/integration for UPS for the DAP account.  Use the app/plugin/integration for Unishippers or Worldwide Express for the Traditional account.  Use the settings in the e-commerce platform or the product to govern when shipping rate estimates are presented from each product.