How to Bulk Update Product Settings in Magento2

TechStack design of Magento2 doesn't allow for Eniture Magento2 modules to bulk update. Here are steps for a manual bulk update process.

When exporting products from Magento to a .csv file, the .csv file doesn't include columns for product attributes associated with Eniture's Modules (example: Freight class, Length, Width, Height, Hazmat indicator, Dropship enable checkbox, Dropship location, etc.)

A bulk update may be done with exception for 'dropship location'.

Add new columns in the .csv exported file for product attributes that need updated.

For example: if you need to mark a list of products to ship as LTL and assign its freight class, and add its length, add 3 new columns in the exported CSV. The header name will be the code of the attributes (which can be seen from the admin panel).

Screenshot 2024-05-08 234957-att

From the example, it will be en_ltl_check, en_freight_class, and en_length; then, add its values according to each product. Once complete, perform the import to bulk update the attribute values.