How do I print my shipping labels?

Learn the common ways to print your shipping labels.

The LTL Freight Quotes and Small Package Quotes applications are quoting engines only. How to fulfill an order, including how to print the shipping labels, is outside of the scope of these applications. This article will describe some common options.

Manual (For lower order volume)

The quote applications are cloud based solutions that take advantage of web services or APIs available from the carrier with whom you have an account relationship. You will have a username and password to the carrier's online shipping site. Sign into the carrier's website, input the details of the order and generate the label. The advantage of this method is that no additional costs are associated with using the carrier's website. However, this method is more time consuming and may become inefficient as your sales volume increases.

Integrated Cloud Solutions (For all order volumes)

Integrated cloud based solutions connect to your eCommerce platform and retrieve order details from your store for processing. The capabilities and features of these solutions vary greatly, as do their prices. All will retrieve the shipping addresses from your online store, eliminating the need for you to key it in. Most will update the order in your online store once the shipping label is printed, provided your eCommerce platform supports it. You'll still need to input the shipment parameters (weight, dimensions or freight class) and some solutions have scale and scanner integration to help automate this further.

The choices for parcel services are plentiful while the choices for LTL freight are limited. If you're looking for an integrated cloud solution for LTL freight, make sure the solution you're interested in supports the carrier you use. You may find yourself revisiting your carrier of choice based on what you find supported. If you can't find what your looking for, contact Eniture Technology to investigate a custom solution.

Popular solutions for parcel shipments

Popular solutions for LTL freight shipments

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