Add Your Staging Site To The Plugin License

Instructions for how to add your staging site to your plugin license

Your license to one of Eniture Technology's Woocommerce plugins or Magento extensions can be activated for one live (a.k.a production) website and one staging (a.k.a. development) website.  You provided the URL to your live website when you initially registered for the license.  The staging website has to be added.  Follow the steps below to add your staging website to the license.

Step 1: Access Your Customer Dashboard

Go to and click the Login link located at the top right-hand corner of the home page.  Login using the email address and password you entered when you registered for the plugin. 

Step 2: Edit Your License

Click on My Licenses in the navigation menu.  Locate the plugin whose license you want to edit and click the Edit link.

Step 3: Enter / Update Your Staging URL

Locate the Staging Site field.  Enter the staging website URL and afterward click the Save Changes button.

Now you'll be able to use the plugin on your staging website.  Rates returned to the staging website will have "Sandbox" appended to them.